Multicolored manicure ideas 2019-2020: New photo design examples

As are of the fair sex, modern nail art can be quite unexpected and exciting.

We are all different, and all of us like a completely different manicure examples, so captivating in some onions.

there are cases, when we do not really know, that they themselves want to see on their marigolds, lost in the abundance of creative innovations.

News In Time decided to please a new answer to the question, how to decorate nails, offering a completely charming, unexpected, Creative multicolored manicure 2019-2020 in the best interpretations.

Unusual multicolored nails will please the girls in the spring and summer season, after all, when, if not in the beautiful warm days to transform its look bright and noticeable shades.

all those, who wants to pick up a trendy colorful manicure 2019-2020, and cheer up, while improving the look of their marigolds, News In Time is ready to present a super collection of novelties nail design, wherein multicolored manicure great in each Example.

colorful manicure 2019-2020 - dilute the image of seasonal accents

It is considered, that colored nails - the prerogative of only the spring-summer season, but actually it is not so, because each period has its own unique arsenal seasonal colorful manicure.

Spring colorful manicure more tender and sensual. is he, of course, It combines several shades, but often they are nyudovuyu and pastel colors.

Complete colorful spring manicure help popular today careless brush strokes, dear polka dots and dot pattern, floral painting and sculpting.

Colored nails this season - a combination of blue, pink, sunlight, mint, muted light green, white and beige, combined with metallic and shimmering notes.

In the summer the situation changes drastically, because the colorful manicure 2019-2020 It will stand out bright and explosive motifs, as well as a non-trivial stylistic recreation.

Colorful summer nails will take on a note already mentioned shades, but at the same stylistic elements as bright images will be added, neon coatings, vtirok, that will give a special chic seasonal marigolds.

Add to summer nail art style orange, coral, red, crimson, Purple and many other bright colors of summer, that will transform the colorful manicure, giving its owner a good mood every day.

Fruits, snacks, floristics, guises of animals and humans - these and other dilute monochrome patterns, converts it accentual colored notes of summer.

Autumn and winter, although not full of bright highlights, also have their, special colorful nail designs in stylish interpretations.

Give multi-colored autumn and winter marigolds kolorblok technology, geometry, contrast multicolor manicure complex interpretations, which involved tandems bright and deep hues with delicate and light.

An example of the fall of nail design in colorful style can be a multi-colored nails, combining dark and seasonal color nails with drawings of fallen leaves, funny chanterelles, saving from rain and the like umbrellas.

Do not forget about the foil, sliders, they can also make diverse motives in nail art style of autumn.

Winter colorful nails can be recreated, combining blue and red, black and white, green to red or maroon, etc..

Make a colorful manicure winter style knitted sweater, decorate festive snowmen nails, bears, birds, add flickering elements, contrasting with bright red, maroon, shades of green, etc..

multicolored nails 2019-2020 style Ombre - a new approach in the creation of non-traditional nail design

We all know the technique of Ombre, which is also positioned itself, that integrates several tones at once in a manicure composition.

Gradient colorful manicure 2019-2020 please girls a variety of unique new products with catchy elements, contrast, colorful design.

Multicolored Ombre nails can combine, as a flashy color illumination color, colorful and multi-faceted, and dark and light tandems - contrasting its incarnations.

Multicolored manicure gradient can combine stretching flowers in geometrically exact solutions, linear and diffuse techniques, vertical and horizontal design.

Gentle colored nails combine bright colors palette and are often used for unique wedding and evening nail-art.

Colorful nail designs 2019-2020 several innovative techniques

New items multicolored nail presented in a bright rainbow and water design, as well as the innovative reception - an abstract painting, formed on the basis of wet gel.

But not only do these techniques should interest you in the near future. Masters are ready to direct all their efforts, to offer women more ideas colorful marigolds.

Rainbow design, Hospitality involves applying color on each nail plate looks very cheerful and positive, even in monochrome matt or glossy version.

Also impressive multicolored manicure trends can be designated such decisions:

Spectacular manicure multicolored lights and unusual mosaic nail art;

Colorful nail designs, in the form of memorable "watermelon" gradation characteristic for this berry colors;

Acidic or neon colored nails, that are highly relevant in the hot season;

Marine and beach manicure relevant to the topic style and color palettes;

Bright glare can be achieved and framing nails colored frame, decorating their point nail-art DOTS, as well as through the shimmering stones of different colors.

How view, ideas abound, so choose for yourself your best option right now.

Playing with colors, paints, bright notes. Trendy colorful manicure 2019-2020

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