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A woman must be groomed in all understandings, follow, both for hair, makeup, and for the nails of hands and feet.

If you are just going to visit pedicure masters, Hold for a few minutes, to take the time to view our post, that you, without a doubt, interested.

Our confidence, you need to pay attention to today's tour there we, because we have prepared for you the best pedicure with stones, news which delight its amazing interpretations, and can transform your nails and on the legs.

If you are looking for ideas of nail art for a particular season, themed design, a beautiful and luxurious pedicure for a special occasion, pedicure with rhinestones perfect for this can be very useful, after pedicure rhinestones is still impeccable mast hevom design pedicure.

Inspired by the impressive nail trends, We picked the brightest, spectacular, compelling pedicure with rhinestones 2019-2020 in different style, what, certainly, It will find for you before going to the master.

About the most creative ideas and solutions in more detail in the course of excursions ...

Trendy pedicure rhinestone 2019-2020 - the perfect solution for special and everyday exit

Modern trends pedicure do not have restrictions on the colors, therefore pedicure with crystals may also be performed in the sense, and unexpected palettes.

Pedicure beautiful crystals can be recreated in pastel shades range, preparing examples of nail art legs for brides, graduates, true lady, that create the most sensual images with a particularly festive mood.

delicate pastel, nyudovye, quivering news design pedicure with rhinestones - is always appropriate, so, wherever you were going, this option should take note.

For warm days, when your feet are complemented Outdoor Shoes, Prefer bright pedicure with rhinestones 2019-2020, represented by red, orange, raspberry, bright green, bright blue, yellow and other explosive shades, that miraculously fit in the refreshing spring and summer images.

Dark pedicure rhinestones leave for daily outputs, transforming nails on legs in the autumn-winter season, most accept the dark palette for the implementation of design pedicure with rhinestones.

But it does not mean, that dark pedicure rhinestones - a taboo for the spring-summer period.

If you are a stylish lady, you will be able to pick up the matching outfits, enjoying dark colors gel nail on the legs and hands, even in the hot season.

Pedicure with crystals only be stopped for this holiday, so do pedicure rhinestones and you may well be able to every day, overzealous not used to the amount of flickering elements.

Pedicure with rhinestones can be realized in a bright and brilliant gloss, or sophisticated and velvet matte version, choose for themselves monophonic pedicure with rhinestones, or to formalize it in a certain style.

Spectacular sight design pedicure with rhinestones 2019-2020. fashionable style, motives, design ideas

Since pedicure crystals - is in every sense an impressive design pedicure, We need to understand, what option to choose, to look stylish, but not tacky and tasteless.

Pedicure with rhinestones in a monochromatic manner - it, undoubtedly, trend, but do not forget about such updates, as:

Floral, foliar, vegetable pastes pedicure

Pedicure with rhinestones and cobweb, lace pattern

Intricate mosaic combinations, stones in the combined hearth

Abstract unusual pedicure rhinestone, brush strokes and blots

Predatory print in tandem with crystals and lines, or negative space

Luxury french pedicure with rhinestones with classical and asymmetric holes and stripes

Pedicure crystals in combination with other elements shimmering, in particular crystals Pixie, vtirkoy, foil, sequins

Stylish design with rhinestones and a gradient transition of color on the legs marigolds

Matt pedicure with rhinestones minimalist motifs

Nails on feet with pebbles and sliders, that will present drawings, Pictures, oblyky, inscriptions, etc..

How to make alluring pedicure with rhinestones best

It would seem that, pedicure with rhinestones is very similar to each other, but it is not so, if we take into account the complex combinations of stylistics, that the above, as well as original ideas, How to make a pedicure with rhinestones best.


Rhinestones on nails can be arranged in many different ways, considering, These shimmering elements of today you can pick up in different colors, dimensions, forms, invoice.

Pedicure with rhinestones 2019-2020 It has a large number of interpretations, that define the, how it will look like your nails on legs.

Usually, decorated with rhinestones long nails, but such a solution - not a panacea, so you can always decorate with stones and other marigolds.

Pedicure with rhinestones on all, without exception, Marigold looks very pretentious, so similar design pedicure with rhinestones should be used in exceptional cases, or dosed.

Rhinestones can be arranged in dot, decorating nails stones, that resembles a point in laying open single and multiple execution.

Captures monophonic version, that resembles a pyramid or horizontal Eiffel Tower from pebbles of different shapes and colors, that is at the base of the claw.

Pedicure with crystals can execute on-site wells, a bezel encrust, completing his small stones.

To improve the evening nail art on fingers of legs, Rhinestones can be arranged randomly, lay out in ornaments, resembling oriental ornament, as well as the use of geometry rules, to introduce stones in a newfangled pedicure with rhinestones.

It looks fantastic pedicure with rhinestones, When laying out stones resembles a tiara, that can be combined with traditional and sumptuous dark service jacket.

Try to arrange a pedicure rhinestones diagonal, marigold flowers embellish the original strass, crosses, accentual decisions laying elements in the center, or on parts of marigold.

That is, matte, glossy and pedicure with rhinestones even striped design can be totally unique, luxurious, interesting, even if the master relies on laying open in tandem with the most interesting for you to color.

If you are interested in the above trends, its display can be seen in our collection of examples, we have collected for you with love and inspiration.

Rhinestones on marigold legs. What prepared us talents nail industry

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