Luxury outlet manicure 2019-2020: choose the most beautiful marigold design to the prom!

Every important event in the lives of girls and women is marked by all means anxious preparations for him: makeup, hairstyle, a special outfit and, of course, the most beautiful manicure, the final image for any event. Prom - just one of those exciting moments.

Trends in nail art is so stepped forward, that the most sophisticated fashionista can resist the beauty of the fashion nail design 2019-2020. Graduation manicure puts forward its own requirements in the selection of the actual nail design - it, Firstly, most naturally, elegant and exquisite manicure.

Among the many modern ideas trendy nail art and nail design, on the outlet is to choose those, that will be more harmonious look in the form of graduate, complement the outfit and other details of the image.

Interesting ideas prom manicure shown in bright colors, Nydala colors and pastel shades, that will emphasize even more tenderness and sophisticated image of young beauties.

If the dress is made in bright or saturated color shades, you should look at a trendy manicure prom dress in tone, that will be the trend of the season 2019-2020 year for graduates.

Luxurious shades of nail polish will be prom emerald, deep blue, red, Violet, Fuchsia flower, Orange, citric, which can be diluted with more delicate and contrasting tones for effektnosti.

Perfect for the prom will manicure with sequins and all kinds of luminous elements - foil, glitter, rhinestones, bulonki, crystals pixies, Yuki flakes, pearl vtirka.

Examples manicure on top outlet of the season 2019-2020 Year implemented in smart decisions on long and short nails, as well as with various forms of plates, allowing you to create the desired nail design in any style and direction.

The most beautiful nail art for prom, you can create with a molding on the nails, bulky drawings «sweet bloom», Painted nails in floral style, and in addition pick up trendy decor.

For sophisticated image, you can choose a prom manicure minimalism, gentle Ombre, stylish jacket or monochromatic outlet nude manicure. With the likes of trendy nail designs on graduation, you can be assured of an amazing and a winning way.

If it really wants to stand out at prom, it is necessary to choose the contrast graduation manicure 2019-2020 with bright colors. Also in the trend combined manicure, combining different techniques and styles, that will help achieve the extraordinary design of marigold for prom 2019-2020.

Relevant types of design are the exhaust manicure monogram and swirls, modulations decorative manicure, drawings, stamping and slider design are also relevant in the trendy prom manicure.

Wishing to be princess outlet celebration, choose the nail design, that is closer to your liking and harmoniously will look in the image. Top 10 trends in prom manicure look further, and below you will have an interesting selection of inspiring photo-Prom ideas nail design 2019-2020 of the year.

Graduation manicure: delicate pastel

Extremely pastel in fashionable design manicure on the outlet can not fail to note, given the trend in the natural nail design 2019-2020 of the year. Monochrome, and patterned decor, fashion outlet pastel coated with manicure will hit for charming ladies. It looks great pastel colors to a gradient, marble patterns, monogram, stamping design.

Marble nail design to the prom

Simple and at the same time attractive patterns, resembling marble stones, They are very much in demand to create the most fashionable prom manicure. More common is the option of a marble design on long almond shaped nogotochkami, but can be isolated, if desired, one marbled pattern of fingers in a short length of marigold.

Graduation manicure with flowers

Flora does not leave the top position in solutions for the design of nails in the romantic style. Fashionable and beautiful prom manicure with flowers will be a choice of refined and delicate ladies. At the peak of the wave will be fashionable flowers in a laconic style on one of the fingers, Slider stickers with flowers, floral stemping design, as well as translucent flowers in a very charming.

Manicure at the outlet with crystals

Festive nail design associated with stones and sequins, that give the luxurious shine and chic handles, dreamed of all the young ladies. In the fashion season, you can use many types of crystals and stone - from tiny to large in the various decisions, In combination looks very luxurious for prom nail design. Beautiful nail designs with rhinestones at the outlet will be special and memorable.

Graduation manicure with holes

chic moon manicure for prom events will be extremely brief and undemanding solution, allowing to complement any of the images. We suggest you perform a trendy manicure with exhaust hole in the style of precious metals and soft shades of foundations, it would be very smart solution design nails to prom.

Pearl vtirka in nail design to the prom

Nice shine with a gentle effect will be remembered in the trendy prom manicure with vtirkoy to everyone. Using exactly the type of pearl vtirki, fashion prom nail art becomes incredibly chic. In addition garnish unnamed finger loose crystals or Pixie floral pattern and the most delicious manicure prom ready!

Cute jacket on the outlet

Millennium jacket with glitter, matt and a floral jacket, or traditional jacket design will be one of the most concise and stylish design, among other variations of nail art design for prom. Laid-back French design will be interesting to isolate individual fingers glitter, brilliant "smile", as well as French-Ombre on the outlet will be just.

Chic matte manicure on the outlet

Amazing matt marigolds for the season 2019-2020 year makes this type of manicure one of the most trendy. A lot of prom ideas matte nail polish with bright colors and nyudovymi solutions, combinations of gloss and matt finish in one design, addition in the form of drawings and decorative elements will make the prom manicure truly irresistible.

Graduation design nails with kamifubuki

Playful confetti will add solemnity in every manicure, What color and style you prefer not bi. multicolored, monophonic, holographic, in different forms, matt or glossy topom - each Manicure at graduation with kamifubuki become chic conclusion nice appearance. Trend is decoration nameless finger kamifubuki rlkrytie or all fingers barely perceptible elegant kamifubuki at graduation.

Ombre manicure for prom

Gradient nail design looks sophisticated, incredibly gentle and nice. Master use a pair or more tones to create a fashionable Ombre effect on fingers on the outlet in manicure. Linear and geometric design Ombre, "Broken glass" complete with pieces, drawings, rhinestones and Bulonki, gradient trending exhaust manicure is amazing for short and long marigold.

Trends prom manicure 2019-2020 of the year: most fashionable manicure design to the prom — a photo

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