The most beautiful Ombre manicure 2019-2020 - Fashion news and the latest trends

One of the most sought-after, coveted and top performance variations trendy manicure 2019-2020 year will be marigolds design with gradient.

I know this is not a new, but catchy style fashion manicure to all the ladies, without exception,, in fact previously been in each season presents interesting options for manicure Ombre.

So do not consider and pass by Ombre manicure design technique in more detail, we could not, and decided to pick up for admirers of this direction to the nail art all the different ideas and directions of the gradient manicure fresh and new interpretations 2019-2020 of the year.

Moreover, Fashion Ombre manicure design 2019-2020 It will appeal to lovers of traditional design in the form of marigold French and the moon manicure, and girls, that experiments like fashion gradient on the nails seem certainly not boring.

Beautiful gradient manicure design is always interesting and original, how alone, and in tandem with other fashionable design, attracting increased interest in the well-groomed handles with consummate nail design.

Among the examples of fashion gradient manicure design 2019-2020 you can see unparalleled ideas for festive manicure for a wedding, Birthday, nail design to the prom, Theme manicure on Valentine's Day, on 8 Martha, New Year, as well as any other important event for you.

The gradient on the nails well with various new-fangled techniques, allowing you to create a unique style manicure with a banner colors. Excellent view your marigolds give gradient design with "negative space" in the style of geometric stripes Ombre, «Otrosshego» manicure hombre, Lunar Ombre manicure and french Ombre Nail Design.

Intriguingly and re-submitted to gradient manicure with brush strokes bright colors on nogotochki matte or glossy finish with, which will create a very fashionable gradient manicure.

Special attention is given to the strip of nails in Ombre technique. In principle, all sorts of strips of steel trend in nail design, but wide strip in the intense color gel polish with a gradient, powder or sand will be particularly spectacular.

Not fussy gradient design and decor to complement it, allowing you to create fashionable designs Ombre manicure for every taste, both kamifubuki, foil strips, the transfer foil, and with Bulonki and rhinestones, glitter, kristallikami pixels and vtirkoy.

Very fashionable today to combine the delightful gradient on the nails with drawings, creating not just beautiful, but very effective, colorful and charming Ombre manicure design.

Those girls portraits, cartoon characters, animal animalism, birds of prey and prints, lace motifs, flowers and abstraction - it is not the entire list of, that can be represented on nogotochkami, in order to get trendy manicure with gradient and drawings on the nails of any length and shape of the new season 2019-2020 of the year.

For you, we have tried to pick up the colorful and matchless design ideas gradient manicure in a fashionable design top nail artists of our time.

Watch and be inspired with fresh Ombre manicure trends for spring and summer, fall and winter, for celebration and simply on ordinary day in our photo collection etc..

Gradient Nail Design: charming envelope

Cute, gentle and romantic Ombre nogotochkami design for the new period 2019-2020 of the year, skillful craftsmen offer to create envelopes with the image on nogotochkami, content simulate it in the form of crystals placer. Is injustice, looks charmingly? Ideally, such a gradient manicure design in trendy solution to complete the image of a special solemn occasion.

gradient strips

The strips will be the main "theme" in marigold design to any and directions, Ombre manicure and there will be an excellent option for trendy nail designs. Try it yourself to create or ask your master to perform stretching of color along the claw in the form of strips, expanding it with powdered or flock, that will look very charming in the fashion Ombre manicure 2019-2020.

Ombre manicure with painting

Sophisticated painting on nogotochkami will be an important element of the trend of nail art, which is often used gradient manicure equipment. Fashion gradient nail art design is great with themed design on Valentine's Day, Halloween, or on New Year's Eve 8 Martha, which uses hearts, courting couples, flowers, cartoon characters, snowflakes and different animals.

Gradient manicure with flowers

Charming flower manicure It will not be boring or banal, if you use a gradient transition as a supplement or a basis for drawing in its design. For more restrained Ombre manicure using floral prints on one finger of, but to create a fairyland of colors with fashionable gradient nail art design will help a lot of large floral patterns on a few marigolds.

Ombre manicure flokom

Create attractive velvet effect on nogotochkami help trendy design with a special powder or flock, manicure that is used to isolate individual prints and accentuation. Beautiful velvet effect via floc is used as a finishing touch in the fashion design gradient from marigold flowers drawings, lace, geometric stripes.

Matt manicure Ombre

Laconic manicure on the finger in a short length and fashionable marigold "almond" can be obtained with a gradient fashion in a matte manicure. A similar trend looks unassuming style manicure and stylish, allowing the use of, as the bright color combinations, and the more calm and reserved for matt shades nude gradient.

Gradient nail design and «negative space»

Unusual "regrown" or so-called "naked" manicure you get the technique Ombre and "negative space", that together can create trendy design Ombre nogotochkami. Combining different styles of fashion Ombre and "negative space", you can pick up a unique variation of fashionable nail design is to your taste.

Ombre manicure omega strazami

Pebbles always perfectly complement any kind in brilliant form never fashionable manicure, and wonderful Ombre design is no exception. Equally delightful tandem fashion gradient nails and rhinestones will be appropriate in all the evening images. Wonderful complement stones trendy manicure gradient can be in the thematic design of marigold for a particular holiday, such as, New Year or Feast 14 February.

Neonovыy ombre manicure

Bright, colorful and exciting nail design in trendy decision to perform the technique Ombre will be easier than ever. It should only select a nice looking intense palette gel varnishes, use a matte top, and a super-bright fashion manicure ready Ombre. If desired, the glitter can be used to impart radiant effect separate finger in a colorful design neon Ombre manicure.

Ombre manicure kamifubuki

Lovely kamifubuki gradient in the trendy manicure design will look playful and at ease, giving festive note in your appearance. Using a neutral color kamubuki in circular shape with the effect of the gradient over, You can create an interesting emphasis on the big finger of, and get great option everyday fashion Ombre manicure.

Ombre trendy manicure in new solutions 2019-2020 year - fashion design trends marigold with a gradient in the photo

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