Mysterious black on nails: trendy nail design with black lacquer of the season 2019-2020 of the year

Modern trends in fashion design nails to allow you to choose fashionable nails on any preference - from laconic and reserved, to incredibly wonderful and exciting. Among the top examples of manicure for the new season 2019-2020 year were nogotochkami designs in black, so enigmatic and mysterious in itself.

variations, how to perform a trendy manicure in black a lot, both with trendy decor, different color options, as well as with the use of fashionable nail technician.

Trendy black manicure 2019-2020 It offered to women of fashion long, short and very little nogotochki, that looks equally wonderful.

Need office manicure with black lacquer, casual or chic evening black manicure? All of these ideas megamodnogo design nails with black nail shown in our photo collection for each image.

At the peak of the fashion wave demonstrated frosted and unusual nogotochki velvet with black lacquer of the season 2019-2020 of the year. Do not lag behind in popularity and chic black manicure with crystals and sparkles in the form of glitter, mica, Pixie crystals and other means for decoration.

Exciting solution for a special occasion can be a black manicure Ombre with hints of lime, lemon, Fuchsia, blue, cream-colored. No less exciting looks black jacket in newfangled representation.

Beautiful and original tandem black nail polish with beige, red and white, gray, silver and gold, so advantageous to look in tandem with each other.

Particular attention should be paid to the drawings on the nails with black lacquer, that can be performed on a black background or a neutral background with the help of black lacquer, that can achieve interesting results.

Ultratrendovymi motifs fashion manicure with black lacquered steel drawings and designs polish in black and beige tones - graphics, floristry and curls especially wonderful in tandem flesh and black gel lacquer on the nails of the season 2019-2020 of the year.

Excellent become fashionable nails with inscriptions in black design, more, than concise and expressive. Among the fashionable ideas of black manicure 2019-2020 pay attention to the nails in the style of "cat's eye", black design «negative space», black manicure minimalism, delicate lace design in black, attractive marble nail art, romantic flowers on nails, vtirka kamifubuki and especially delicious with black lacquer.

How will black trendy nail designs for the coming season - see the top ideas of black manicure, as well as a selection of interesting new black nail design 2019-2020 Further.

Black nail polish with marble effect

Natural marble effect on nails looks mysterious and at the same time so attractive. For more expressive results you should choose it black pattern on a white background, or vice versa, highlighting at the same time a couple of nogogtochkov, others simply paint over with black lacquer wells, in the style of "regrown nail," or adding stripes.

Black nail polish with foil

Fashionable nails with foil in different solutions will be particularly relevant in the upcoming season. But the most spectacular will be the design with black paint and rainbow foil, gold or silver foil imprints, and black manicure with ruffled foil, strips and mirror effect foil in black manicure.

Trendy black nails "cat's eye"

Imitation luxury overflows on the nails in the style of Space radiance or feline eye is just gorgeous with black lacquer, allowing to emphasize small shiny particles in the dark nail coating. Black manicure "cat's eye" looks festive and solemn, complemented also beautiful monograms would be the best for the evening.

Fashionable matte nails with black lacquer

Velvet coat on your nails with black nail certainly be remembered for a long time, if skillfully emphasize the charming matte black manicure contrasting glossy nogotochkami, deep shades of varnish on a couple of fingers, or by selecting a stylish nail art. Trendy matte black nail polish is a trend with inscriptions and decor foil, graphics and abstract patterns on black nails.

Black manicure «negative space»

"Negative Space" is one of the top examples of fashionable nail design, so appropriate for the office, romantic image, as well as jewelery and nail design. Trendy black «negative space» can be made in matt or glossy design, with holes and "regrown" design, manicure with frame and other leading nail technicians, complemented with black lacquer.

Black jacket design

A favorite jacket has a plurality of types and is shown with colored, brilliant, as well as black and "smile", that will allow to see the usual nail design in a new way. For better results in the French design nails with black nail should use matt top or gel polish, that will give a charming effect is always fashionable field jacket in black.

Black manicure "geometry"

Think of a more harmonious tandem, than black nail polish and the geometric patterns, it will be hard. After all, clear lines, geometric shapes and graphic itself will be much more expressive in black, eg, on a neutral background - beige and Flesh Tone. And also do not forget about the trendy matte finish for the black geometric nail design 2019-2020 of the year.

Black nail polish with inscriptions

Trends in nail art are becoming more natural and uncomplicated such, such as, trendy manicure with inscriptions. And there can not do without black palette of shades on nails, that will create a clear and concise writing on the nails in the nail-dell'arte The cutting season, so marvelous in its simplicity.

Black design with vtirkoy

Glitter on the nails is the best solution for the grand design of nails Evening. Looking after chic nail design ideas 2019-2020, interesting and stylish with black nails will vtirkoy - mirror, pearl or vtirka "chafer" or "northern lights", which will create a delightful beauty nail design with black lacquer to suit all tastes.

Black Ombre design

Contrasting colors on the nails never go unnoticed, but, to fashionable design marigold was more subtle, should resort to the technique of gradient on the nails or design Ombre. Steep black manicure ideas Ombre 2019-2020 year displayed with a yellow, green, pink, Fuchsia color, blue, blue tones, that will help create a memorable impact on your fingers with black lacquer.

Trendy black manicure in season 2019-2020 of the year: luxurious variation design nails with black nail for every taste

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