Top 10 trends in shoes spring-summer 2019: fashion trends

Fashion shoes - is the chief of the accessories in the images, both girls, and men, which plays a leading role in creating a stylish and memorable onions in any of the styles and trends.

Fashion designer tirelessly, wanting to surprise and at the same time meet the demands of fashionable women of all ages and preferences, offering their creations in a fashionable pair of shoes for the season Spring-Summer 2019.

Let's say right away, fashion trends these shoes in the spring and summer will dapple bright colors and unusual combinations of textures, flashy and extravagant decor, chic and luxury, that will intermingle with the practicality and comfort.

This certainly can determine the style of sports shoes in chic, such as sneakers, decorated with fringe and tassels. But at the same time, trendy sandals with heels for spring and summer are offered with a variety of weaves, boots - with lacing, which makes them more sport.

From previous seasons were trends transparency and fringe in the decoration of fashion footwear, small heels, straps and bindings, lacing, open toe and heel, but in a new and fresh variations.

The models of the actual shoe Spring-Summer 2019 with a steady heel shoes and sandals, stud in tandem with a sharp nose, mini-stud, bright decor with shiny elements, beautiful bows and ribbons, that will not go unnoticed.

Leading footwear trends for next season spring-summer 2019 demonstrated novinochkami women's shoes, that will delight lovers of spectacular and at the same time practical bows. Here and there sneakers superfashionable, as well as a stud in the new solution. But let us all in order.

We would like to identify the main directions and trends in the spring-summer period, 2019 years in the field of women's shoes, that offered leading designers and top brands of the fashion industry.

Wanting to buy for themselves obnovochki fashionable and chic footwear to the warm season, should pay attention to such trendy details, as:

  • Transparent shoes or individual transparent elements;
  • fringe and tassels;
  • straps, weaving, bindings;
  • bows, ryushi, folds and ruffles;
  • pointed nose and stiletto heels;
  • very low pin;
  • stable solid heel;
  • platform and wedge;
  • open nose or heel;
  • animalism;
  • lacing;
  • sporty chic;
  • presence of decoration in the form of a paste, Glitter, sequins and metallic luster.

Sure, This is not a complete list of fashion trends of shoes for spring-summer, reviewing the photos examples of fashionable shoes you can find the right pair for you.

See the top 10 trending ideas shoes with detailed description, as well as in the compilation we have prepared for you more 100+ new products women's spring and summer shoes in the most fashionable solutions for your inspiration.

Trend Shoes Spring-Summer: straps and bindings

One of the trendiest items on the shoes in the spring and summer 2019 Meet the straps. straps options may be very different - from thin and delicate on boats, to gross and wide on sandals or shoes. Designers have proposed a variant even spring and summer shoes with a strap on the heel. In short, wanting to be a trend with fashion shoes spring-summer - look for the presence of straps.

Shoes Spring-Summer: stable heel

Trendy shoes with heels for spring and summer and the trend for practical urban style offered fashionistas with stable heel. Beautiful sandals and shoes in the best performance will be complemented by massive and thick heels, makes sure every step.

Floral motifs shoes spring-summer

spring-summer footwear rich decor will not go unnoticed, because variegated trends immediately apparent. Unusually please novelty shoes with floral and floral motifs, which is especially fit into the main motive of fashion shoes spring-summer 2019 - femininity. Colorful fashion spring and summer shoes with flowers just rolls!

Trend Spring-Summer shoes on the open toe or heel

Outdoor shoes in this decision, we are not new, because open toe or heel, we met in the last season. Wherein, cutouts in the fashionable shoes for ladies on a warm season can be anywhere - in the ankle, the rise, laterally, big and small, that will be an important element of a fashionable spring and summer shoes, starting with shoes and finishing with shoes.

Fashion shoes spring-summer: sporty chic

It is difficult to surprise someone trendy image of femininity and sophisticated dresses in tandem with the shoe. Continuing the theme of practicality and sporty chic in the top sets the spring and summer, designers offer to fill up your wardrobe with new products of shoes - sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. Do not wonder, If you encounter a fashionable sports shoes with heels, fringed, tassels, feathers, pendants, as well as with bright neon color elements.

Trend shoes spring-summer: brush

The most fashionable footwear solutions Spring-Summer 2019 become a fringe and tassels, decorating boats, sandals and even shoes. These new items of footwear for ladies look amazing, especially while walking, forcing breathless and admire the beauty of the female legs in trendy footwear for spring and summer.

The top shoes with ribbons and bows

Femininity has found its reflection in fashionable footwear with different ruffles and ribbons, ruffles and folds. Especially these elements complement the high-end sandals Spring-Summer 2019. Megaaktualnymi are flip-flops, sandals, shoes with large bows, and velvet sandals with incredible flounces and ruffles.

Fashion Shoes Spring-Summer: high strings

A lot of new products of shoes through the expected warm season 2019 year demonstrated the high strings in the form of cords or ribbons. Such decor creates a special charm and sophistication of shoes spring-summer, that may encounter on models of shoes and sandals with high or low heels.

Animalistic prints shoes spring-summer

Imitation leather with reptile prints will be a hit in the decoration of shoes for spring and summer 2019. Very bold decision was presented with several models and in past seasons. As of today, you can safely choose bright or pastel shoes and sandals with reptile print. Interesting would degrade or Ombre effect on the spring-summer fashion shoes with animalistic pattern.

Trend shoes spring-summer with lacing

Impressive lacing will be an important part of fashionable pair of shoes for spring and summer, starting with boots, sandals, ankle high or low heels, finishing slippers with lacing. Most fashionable solutions spring and summer shoes with lacing will tandem with high heels and pointed toe, that will give your image of irresistibility and effectively in any case.

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