Fashion trends of square nail design 2019-2020: photo innovations

The art of decorating nails with varnish is not new, but this does not prevent him every year to surprise us with amazing innovations.

Ideas nail design today a huge amount, so no problem to decorate any shape nogotochki, including square nails, that it is desirable for many ladies.

By selecting the square nails you, undoubtedly, You want to keep them in perfect condition, performing a stylish square manicure newfangled design.

If you have no idea yet, a manicure on the square nails done, you have got to address, because we can always find the latest news of the square design 2019-2020 an abundance of options.

During the establishment of the review, we met the incredible innovations of nail art for square nails, are present in one post slozhnovato.

But we still picked up, in our opinion, very creative, interesting, creatively made nail trends, that without any doubt will transform your square nails in a particular case.

During the review, learn about trends in the square nails manicure, that caused the most relevant solutions, recreated by talented artists around the world.

Manicure for square nails 2019-2020. The most impressive ideas, trends, innovations

Everytime, when we plan to make a new square manicure, design we choose in advance, to think, whether it would be appropriate for the created image, or vice versa - the universal, that is suitable for all everyday used autfitam.

The most relevant today is the square design nail gel polish, minimalist style, geometric solutions, variations with drawings and designs.

But, of course, It is not all, and an impressive square manicure on nails can be made and other interesting techniques, it's so exciting, not only on the square, but on the other known forms of marigolds.

During the review, we will voice the most trivial design trends for square nails, which advised to heed, if this form is the most optimal for you.

Depending on your preference, desires, the mood and style of your sets, Well, without a doubt, opportunity to feel as comfortable as possible square manicure allowed to do in a small length, and for long marigold.

Restrictions on color no, you can recreate and square nail design in deep dark palettes, pastel colors and bright spectrum of colors, that such a welcome during the heat, beautiful weather and holidays.

In addition to the designated nail design styles, you should definitely pay attention to the square nails in style Ombre, fashioned square manicure with different decor, charming design on a square nails in the seasonal performance.

This is another square manicure in our review below ...

square manicure 2019-2020 in the style of tenderness

You can not go wrong, if you select a gentle square manicure. variations in the abundance of striking, because it is a square nails in a gentle palette can be designated the most popular for the elegant bows, office nail-making, evening guises, Well, the wedding including.

Make a square nail designs with lace painted, intricate abstract ornamentalistiki, minimalism and geometry style Nude.

Pastel harmonychna, both bright, and with dark colors, because to give accentuality bright marigolds help, for example, dark or bright patterns in the form of flowers,strips, peas, intricate shimmering gossamer, sensitive variant in the French style.

Combine several pastel shades, modeling delicate manicure nails into square, having involved the blue, powdery, solar, oil, white, purple and other beautiful shades.

Nail design in the form of a square 2019-2020 in spectacular dark decisions

Implement a square nails in dark colors also definitely need, If you are aiming to create a nontrivial square manicure on every day or evening out.

Dark shades of deep-gel coatings possess special expressiveness, so, putting them on the square nails, you create a special mood nail art and its image as a whole.

Make a dark matte or glossy square manicure on nails, or combine the two textures in one tandem.

Choose for yourself colorful dark square manicure, что впечатляют креативным цветовым переходом.

Зафиксируйте концептуальность нел-арта с помощью узоров по-мокрому, необычных орнаментов, напоминающих капельки жидкого металла, zamslovatyh combinations of light and dark shades with minimalistic and curly, as well as floral motifs.

And how do you square unusual nails, decorated with pictures of origami, слайдерами с сезонными пейзажами и росписью, что напоминают небрежные мазки кистью? Yes, такие техники тоже в тренде, не упускайте возможности их попробовать.

Неоновые блики, explosive motifs and style of the most original square nails 2019-2020 bright palettes

Forget about bright colors is not possible in the spring-summer season, а особенно незабываемы они в период отпусков и отдыха.

Добавляйте на свои квадратные ногти много красок, солнца, свежести, что таятся в природном богатстве весенне-летних палитр.

Первый вариант в списке трендов – квадратный маникюр в ярком и нетривиальном омбре с рисунком или без, которое можно выполнять во множестве интерпретаций, for example, линейном, геометрическом, традиционном, что предполагает растяжку двух и больше цветов.

Яркие квадратные ногти украшайте сезонными вкусными рисунками, а также фантастическими флористическими нотками, that are different in conjunction with raspberry, red, green, light green, orange, purple and many other fine gel polishes.

Implement a bright square stencil art manicure, «negative space», украшайте квадратные ногти мерцающим декором, в частности фольгой, sequins, kamyfubuky.

Каждый пример уникален, поэтому стилистика квадратных ногтей, undoubtedly, порадует всех желающий притягательными новациями.

Festive design for square nails 2019-2020: stylistics

Do not forget about the chic holiday nail-art, without which it will not do either one square manicure Evening, wedding, выпускной и любой другой особый случай.

Роскошные квадратные ногти можно украсить стразами, мерцающими линиями, глиттерной россыпью, выполнив из них лунки-треугольники, обрамления, beautiful patterns of variation, etc..

Draw on nail plate accent hearts, that will be perfect for manicure on Valentine's Day, преобразите их снежинками и вязаным узором на новогодние праздники, добавляйте на квадратные ногти роспись и лепку в виде весенних цветочков, уместных на 8 марта.

Of course, это не все идеи и новинки. Больше идей смотрите в нашем обзоре, а также во множестве других интересных нейл-арт обзоров News In Time.

Модные квадратные ногти 2019-2020 — новые идеи

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