always true! Fashion trends in manicure red palette shades 2019-2020

Today is a special topic nail design, because it will be about this undeniable trend, as red manicure, always welcome, bright, marigolds on each individual of its owner.

Passionate red manicure 2019-2020 suit women showy, single-minded, luxurious, and from gray mice red manicure priori be able to do amazing beauty, that transform only, making red nails.

Any non-trivial image of red manicure will be able to improve, because atypical red nails - is not just a nail art solutions, but a manifestation of courage, of force, passion and other emotions, that make you completely free of stereotypes.

Our attention was drawn to the exciting new items red manicure 2019-2020, because they surprised us with all sorts of nail delights.

New red manicure wants to present each artist, because it allows you to draw a diverse audience of women, who are looking to nail-art of something new and perfect.

Good, for all this has, because red nails demonstrated exquisite designs polish in shades of red gel varnishes, that the multi-faceted and desirable in a variety of bows in various styles.

red manicure 2019-2020 - passion, unrestrained, appeal in every design

If you think, red manicure that has age restrictions, you're wrong.

That's the beauty of red gel varnishes, shellac acrylic materials, that they can be used to simulate, as a sensual red nails, and causing, dynamic, Restless.

Imagine, as red nail polish is perfect in tandem with laconic gray trouser suit, black, blue, green, yellow, purple.

Imagine, as a glamorous complement red nails evening dress with open back, lovely cocktail dresses variations in the floor and MIDI with a spectacular cleavage, Dress in lace, satin, with spectacular decorations printirovannymi.

And what about the everyday bows, where there are sets of denim, minimalist imagery solutions, etc ...

Here red manicure is universally perfect female form, special, if you emphasize the red on the nails still a highlight.

How view, no fancy borders, to implement red nails 2019-2020, so each new product, every instance, each nail interpretation perfect, interesting, Refreshing your new set rampant mood.

We will not list reds gel varnishes, but in fact they are not enough, and each win was its possessor, that best red manicure will experience exactly the right shade for yourself.

So, let's define the most sophisticated news, trends, solutions, that define the, what will be fashionable red nails 2019-2020.

Red manicure short nails

In our collection there are many examples, which shows it is a trendy short red manicure, and we can say with confidence, that short red nails do not look less impressive, than long, However, even it does not matter, What is the shape of marigold, Red transform any.

among the techniques, With excellent on short marigolds, There are many innovations, many traditions, that will transform your red nails minimalistic risunochkami, laconic geometry, cute dots.

pieces of foil, glitter insertions and strips in different interpretations also improve short red manicure 2019-2020.

Red design of extension and long nails

If you enjoy a spectacular red manicure, it is better to do on long nails and naroshchennyh, which today can be implemented in any nail salon.

Lovely red nails long and variations of extension are performed on the almond-shaped and oval. The square shape is more appropriate, if you like medium red nails.

Hot red manicure on long nails and Naroscheny - is a spectacular example of the nail art with any design, because it is safe, scandalous, cool.

Red manicure winter

Seasonal trends red manicure 2019-2020 - it is really something, because the presence of red shades in every season is undeniable.

In winter, the master prepared a festive red manicure for us, which will please and delight her mistress Christmas mood as Winter patterns, snowflakes, Christmas characters.

Like you and red nails with contrasting combinations of gel varnish, where black is present, green, white, gold, silver gel varnish, etc..

Try knitting patterns, glitter inclusions, straza composition, foil, that is wonderful in the winter nail art magic on marigold any shape and length, giving the design of conviviality and spirituality.

Winter red manicure and great with seasonal patterns, that can be implemented with the help of sliders, stamping, stencils.

Red Nail Design Spring

Won the love of women's spring red nails 2019-2020, because they, despite the lightness of the color, will be able to be easily and naturally.

And all thanks to the correct dosage of red in a trendy nail-art. So you can try red manicure, combined with negative space, or beige, oil, lemon, white patches.

Red on the nails spring can only serve as an accent, special, when it comes to such techniques, as 'quail eggs', "Tears of the Unicorn", geometry and minimalism.

Red nails summer

In the summer there are no restrictions in the versions of nail art, because red manicure happy colorful explosions, Ombre modulations in different variations, and brush strokes, Blob, Combined contrasts in the examples.

you can all summer, therefore, red nails, you can decorate with fruit, berries, cute and funny pictures, portraits, phrases.

One can not but appreciate and red manicure with summer flowers, deciduous elements, that is not less interesting, than figures, tochechki, peas, stripes.

More charming seasonal ideas, you can see, viewing fashionable red nail design below.

Autumn red nail design

What you can imagine on the nails in the fall? Of course, a great red manicure with seasonal style and motifs.

Rate autumn foliage with red nails, that embellish accent nails. Implement in red manicure predatory prints, that is incredibly relevant in this season.

Make sure, to your autumn red manicure was not without highlights, the role of which may be more shades of autumn (green, Orange, brown, khaki, Gray, beige), pebbles, pieces of foil and tinsel in different interpretations, size and shapes.

In autumn, choose a more leisurely, muted red nails with a matte topom, because of the matte finish can create a simple quite unusual and original design.

Traditions and novelties red manicure 2019-2020

trust, red manicure 2019-2020 You will be able to surprise and please, after short and long red nails can improve a variety of designs, decor, decorated.

So, for example, you can appreciate the dynamics of the nails in shades of red in the technique of water way, that captures the abstract and intricate design.

Technology eye see you, too, will improve the monotonous matte or glossy red nail design conceptual notes, when one or two marigolds appear cute portraits of girls, women's, as though just a performance artist, silhouettes, surprising femininity and sensuality.

Red manicure trends 2019-2020 – это negative space, stamping, sliders, cookie cutter solutions, which can be used even untrained novice.

What about pautinchastyh patterns, sensory, refined, prytyahatelnыh, that are made in white, black, silver, gold tone. Red nails in such suggested technique combined with contrasting black, white, beige and other shades suitable spectra.

rainbow, mosaic, Ombre and other designs look further in the examples of trending photos.

Fall in love with the red on the nails — only the best examples

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