The most sensual and impressive examples of beautiful manicure 2019-2020

Understanding the beauty each person his, as understanding women, what should be the most beautiful manicure 2019-2020.

Beautiful nails - it, Firstly, nails uhozhennye, with the always well executed manikyurchikom, that not only speaks about your relation to the understanding of the accuracy, but individual sense of style and the taste in the choice of nail art.

Because today there are no restrictions in the choice of designs and style manicure, each representative of the gentle sex can choose for themselves a skillful and beautiful manicure with filigree most welcome sight, that will not only inspire the true lady, but also give a good mood on the understanding flawless masterpiece, that is present at the Marigold.

Technique, styles, the plural number of options today, so the list and show beautiful manicure in a difficult review.

Still, you can always pick out some beautiful nail design, noteworthy, and, undoubtedly, appropriate for many women in the creation of an image.

To do this, you must initially decide, beautiful manicure on marigolds what form you would like to receive?

What a beautiful nail design will be appropriate to your bow on the job, office, outing, to study, for a party, special output, or meetings?

undoubtedly, Always wanting to be beautiful manicure in a monochrome version, he's easy to sell and does not require special skills.

But along with the monotonous styling in a glossy or matte top, you can recreate a magnificent and very beautiful manicure on short and long nails with current trends nail art, that deserve your attention, our dear readers.

We have collected for you, in our opinion, original and beautiful manicure in different stylistics, seasonal variations, certain directions, that would be relevant and interesting to many.

About them and will tell more ...

Beautiful manicure gossamer

Pautinchasty nail design was picked up today almost all of the masters, because the intricate technique allows to recreate, really, stunning beautiful manicure for a festive and casual sensuality with a touch exit, creative methods decor combinations.

Combine beautiful design nails with shimmering gossamer possible elements, raznoplanov—čmi palitrami, glossy and matte topom, foil and glitter, French and negative space.

But the most important thing, to such a beautiful manicure spider it was laid out and not look ridiculous in nalyapisto and sophisticated design.

Beautiful nail design with the effect of the mercury drops and painting on wet

Burst into the modern nail art beautiful manicure called "tear of the Unicorn", "Drops of mercury", "liquid metal", denotes that the same, I loved by many extraordinary performance and a smart idea.

No less creative looks equipment, that blends well with the liquid metal, suggesting on-wet painting, which can also be performed in the solo embodiment, one or all of marigold.

And the first, and the second trend implement beautiful nail design, it has not bored, manikyurschiki therefore prepared to continue to implement these techniques in new masterpieces trendy nail art.

Beautiful manicure with points DOTS and those, that resemble quail shell coating

Beautiful manicure in point design today is not lagging behind in the popularity of the above mentioned trends.

Besides, beautiful design with dots capable of being extremely versatile, because the point can be made in a minimalist style, namely, in an incredibly sophisticated design, and the DOTS techniques, that was another nail art mast hevom, and sort of a surprising technique "quail eggs", exhibiting non-trivial pattern, that can be combined, both shades of the game, and with the metamorphosis and combinations of techniques on the nails.

Such a beautiful manicure 2019-2020 presented in our selection, so you can be inspired by the examples of nail, to be aware, how can it look the same DOTS, "quail eggs", point in a minimalist style at Marigold.

Beautiful nail design with unusual color transitions

Color transitions and color interpretation has always signified a bright and bold decisions nail design.

undoubtedly, It falls into this category beautiful manicure in the colored version with a different shade on each claw.

Beautiful manicure design in gradient style Ombre also at the peak of popularity thanks to season, after all, when, but in spring and summer to play with colors and shades and palettes.

The new solution - beautiful manicure different color on the two handles, Where, for example, on the one hand it will be fulfilled Ombre, and the second - one-color version with a matte topom.

Intricate and beautiful manicure with drawings

What just not ready to draw a jack-of-marigold, to bring to the person relevant audience.

And it is justified, because the girls and ladies with great zeal eager to try a flirty and playful nail art with extraordinary drawings, paintings, sliders, stickers.

Beautiful nail designs can be completely painted with flowers, officials, items, rozhitsami, and even whole landscapes and sights, that the impressive creativity of ideas.

Seasonal and holiday motifs and beautiful manicure model drawings in beautiful interpretations.

Sophisticated and very beautiful nails with original decor

Each season has its own nail art pieces, that delight the original decor and its combination in nail trends.

charms, like the above presented beautiful manicure, and excellent solutions with an abundance of decor, which is more appropriate for evening bows.

You can always perform a beautiful marble design, feline and mirror nail art, and beautiful nails with vtirkami, that will give a special pearl effect.

We should not lose sight of the beautiful manicure with bracelets, collapsed Bloom, complex version with a molding, Geometric Nail Design, always worthy of attention.

Ageless french manicure

Our collection shows and timeless French style nail art, which will decorate your nails beautiful striped jacket, wells, framing.

In the near term beautiful manicure jacket will be updated by replacing traditional solutions to new and unexpected.

Ffrench acquire color elements, sophisticated design will be introduced, in particular asymmetry strips and wells, double strip and hole jacket, and elements jacket, that created with sequins, foil, hombre and t.d.

French is also popular with a playful animalism, rhinestones, flowers and other decisions accent patterns.

Beautiful manicure with strokes, paintings, patches of color

Another new trend — beautiful manicure with brush strokes, complex abstract paintings, that looks convoluted and difficult, as well as fun glare paints, that can combine akin and contrasting combinations in a complex design with other elements, for example, drawings or cobweb.

Such a beautiful manicure - the best idea for bold images for spring and summer, and if you choose a more quiet and subdued tones - even at the autumn-winter period.

Beautiful matte and neon nail polish

Frosted splendor embellish and beautiful manicure 2019-2020, because without frosted stamp are indispensable for the creation of marigold velvet effect, that look incredibly tender, exquisitely, festively.

Beautiful manicure with frosted reception can be performed in any technique without restriction, delivering special kind marigolds, whether it's flowers, foliage, origami, inscriptions or any other variant of registration.

neon today — Another fashion trend, not only in the field of nail, but also in clothes, because the acidic glare — the perfect solution for hot hot summer.

Beautiful nails with shimmering elements

Where do without rhinestones, pebbles, Glitter, confetti, foil, trendy pixie crystals and their various modifications female marigolds.

Such beautiful nails - the decision, at first sight, very elegant, but manikyurschiki learned how to use each of the twinkling elements dosed, that allowed to neutralize the excessive conviviality with marigold rhinestones and sequins and other details.

This method is implemented by combining a smaller amount of flickering notok with calmer decors, and that makes such a beautiful nail design and clear for use in everyday life.

Manicure with motifs of different styles and seasonal notok

New Years is soon, Valentine's Day, 8 of March or Halloween? Then we recommend to take note of themed nail art with the decor and pictures, that successfully demonstrate the spirit of a holiday.

Such a beautiful manicure for a holiday will be able to make your look special and interesting even, if himself a set of clothes will not be as impressive.

Beautiful seasonal type of nail design is also very concept, so in this period you will be able to enjoy the actual seasonal motifs on marigold abundant options.

Among them is the winter knitted sweater technology, snowflakes and intricate monogram, autumn — foliage and plants, Marine manicure for summer, and in the spring - the game tenderness in tandem with pastels, lace, sophisticated design.

How view, many ideas, so enjoy every example, necessarily having tried at least a few marigolds and its ...

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