French in a trendy design - trends, Trends & Innovations 2019-2020 of the year

There is nothing more compelling, rather than the classic nail design. Among the fashion trends of the traditional design of nails 2019-2020 is a French manicure.

Beauty in simplicity - this proof fashion trends in the beauty industry, as well as a direct proof — not leaving the top positions trendy French-nail design, that finds all new ideas and solutions the French manicure style.

Steep novinochki French manicure for the new season 2019-2020 will be blindingly beautiful, intriguing and, occasionally, funny. For fashionistas on each season offered "his" fancy French nail art with pictures, decoration and individually decorated.

For the young beauties and lovers of extraordinary design should pay attention to the figures in the French nail design. Animal prints in leopard style, cute animals and birds adorn the individual fingers with French nails design.

Romantic french manicure or seasonal spring and summer french manicure 2019-2020 is superb with flowers, portraits of girls, bright prints - geometry, abstraction, leaves, delicious desertiki.

Variations of different directions trendy nail art offer new types of jacket - color, the black, dull, in tandem with dedicated lunula, as well as the extraordinary form of "smiles", that is so fresh and new look in the familiar and beloved French manicure on marigolds of different shapes.

Fascinating gorgeous French manicure on marigold almond, "Soft" square, oval plates, allowing you to create an incredibly sophisticated French manicure for a wedding, Birthday, korporativa, manicure on in the style of prom jacket.

A plurality of jacket novelties 2019-2020 shows seasonal variations solutions and case drawings, such as, French on 8 of March or French nail art on Valentine's Day, that will be effective and megastilnym completion of each onion.

Among the tricks for trendy decorative fashionable French manicure can be identified vtirku (pearly), glitter and sequins, pebbles and bulonki, sliders, acrylic powder for bulk flowers, foil, that will make your trendy jacket and not similar to any other type of manicure, before you met.

Amazing and inspiring Top New fashion jacket 2019-2020 year - for every taste, color and in a variety of styles, see below in the photo.

Black french manicure

Megastilny jacket and cool option for lovers of spectacular laconic - Black french manicure 2019-2020. Soften the black and make a dark jacket more attractive by virtue of crystals and pebbles, pastel color basis Powder, Glitter and sequins prints. Ideal black jacket design on nails "almonds" and "soft" small square.

Fashion Nails french Ombre

Spring and summer jacket can not take place without technology Ombre, that will give softness and harmony in lively shades of bright colors on your fingers. The effect of the gradient and jacket for the autumn-winter season with a dark or cool shades. you can play, both the gradient "a smile", and create Ombre Nail Design, releasing the free edge nogotochkami in a different hue for the fashionable French manicure.

Playful french manicure

It is not necessary to associate the French design style marigold only with restrained styling: masters offer to go beyond and try interesting trendy jacket with drawings of bunnies, giraffes and other animals your favorite and not only. This French nail art certainly will not go unnoticed!

Flower tunic design

Fabulous flowers always accompany true ladies and romantic natures in their images, that was reflected in the trend jacket with cute drawings. Charming motifs of flowers may produce one finger, eg, big, or more, creating a stunning French-fashioned nail art for lovely ladies.

Lunar french manicure

Machinery moon and French design are always in tandem with each other, It is more versatile and appropriate for any bow, compared with other fashionable approaches. Why not take advantage and create supertrendovy french manicure with holes, that would be perfect for the office or for every day for fashionistas of all ages.

French manicure with rhinestones

When it comes to holiday, and the time to find a fashionable design nogotochkami to spare - choose French manicure with rhinestones new submissions, and you will not regret it! Strips of rhinestones, little pebbles near wells, crown of rhinestones to wells and various figurines of stone will help you achieve the desired luxurious jacket with rhinestones Evening.

Matt jacket design

Calm and at the same time chic manicure presented in fashionable matte version. Elegant matte french manicure with shades of nude charmingly complement the image of the bride, bright matte jacket with rhinestones or foil will be appropriate for the holiday, matt jacket with geometric prints will be canceled for each day.

French nail design drawings

Wanting to conquer all with his extraordinary manicure, should refer to the pro master, under which the power to create wonderful and creative drawings on the nails in tandem with fashionable French manicure, that have become hits among new products Nail Design. It may be fashionable abstract ornaments, floral theme, floral motifs and animalism.

French manicure with sequins

Decorating nail sequined long ceased to be a lot of celebrations and became relevant in everyday life fashionistas, who prefer glamor and shine in their appearance. Give the glitter on your nails right tone by virtue of the fashionable French Manicure, which makes any nail designs attractive reserved. A little sparkles in the form vtirki or glitter on a couple of fingers to be service jacket trend.

French manicure with vtirkoy

Inexpressible tenderness in a trendy jacket creates a pearl vtirka, that is widely used in nogotochkami design for brides and prom. Fashionable nails with French and vtirkoy pearlescent will limit tenderness on the nails of any shape, allowing to achieve extremely pleasant and refined French nail design in fashionable style.

French Supernovynky 2019-2020 - new solutions, fashion trends and trends of French nail design

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