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When the soul of a woman is always summer, it can not but rejoice. This is indicated not only on the natural attractiveness of women, but also on its desire to always be beautiful and well-groomed, whatever the outside weather.

fashion clothes, beautiful make-up, Fancy Hairstyle, manicure and stylish, undoubtedly, design pedicure form the impression of a woman, because all these components form the men pay attention.

Today we look at the trends trendy pedicure 2019-2020, to offer you design pedicure, ideas that will be interesting for those, who watches over the beauty of its legs and is always looking for new ways, how to look better and more attractive.

trends pedicure 2019-2020 allow to embody the most original fancy and trendy nail art solutions, because design pedicure 2019-2020 welcomes all appliances, which will allow a woman to be always different and unique.

News will please women, that the design of pedicure 2019-2020 It is not required to completely repeat the idea of ​​design on the nails of hands, giving women room for imagination and new possibilities to try out all the latest trends pedicure.

However, pedicure design, repeating manicure, It will continue to be present in today's nail-art, as it is stylish, universally, suited to a variety of styles of clothing. For those, who are looking for a pedicure and manicure design neutral and unobtrusive, advised to pay attention to the traditional design, one-pedicure execution.

Although nail art experts always offer something new, refined simplicity is always in fashion.

Bright and rich shades of burgundy, coral, yellow, pink, green, red, blue and other colors are not less pleasant is always able to make design pedicure really summer, and if you are looking for a more peaceful and exquisite design pedicure, note nyudovye shades, Gray, the black, varnish white.

How and manicure, pedicure design 2019-2020 may be performed by gel varnish, shellac, acrylic, conventional lacquer.

Everything depends on the professionalism of the master, and if you do a pedicure at home design — on your skills and desires.

Besides plain lacquers, in fashion laconic simplicity and elegance, so pick a pedicure design in classic French techniques and the moon will be appropriate for any image, despite, some shades of nail polish you prefer.

trends pedicure 2019-2020 They offer women create colorful images, choosing the design drawings and patterns, in harmony with your style, complementing your clothes, or contrast with the simplicity of your bow.

The drawings on the nails of feet, as well as designs and patterns on the hands marigolds, require special skills, but if you do a pedicure at home design, but nature has not endowed you have a talent for drawing, do not despair.

Fashionable design pedicure 2019-2020 welcomes such art, like stamping, use stencils and stickers, that will make a clear and accurate drawing or pattern, It gives you unlimited number of ideas for every day.

Summer pedicure design has to be vivid and expressive, Ombre so selecting a particular type of (horizontal, vertical, corner gradient) You can combine several colors in one nail-art, play with contrasts and transitions.

Increasingly, professionals offer women sophisticated versions nail design, modeliruya pedicure 2019-2020 using different techniques and textures.

pedicure design with foil, the effect of metal, marble and mirror coating, matt design pedicure, as well as variations with rhinestones, glitterom and patterns in one nail arte — These and other techniques will be popular this summer.

It should be noted, trendy pedicure that has become more thoughtful, therefore in the process of a new masterpiece technician selects a particular theme and style, following which, and creates a new version.

So, for example, original and relevant nautical theme looks on nails, animal and floral print, stylish geometry and abstract patterns.

Whether you choose the colors, strips, wrapped, peas or 3D drawings, pedicure design should be carried out on the well-groomed and neat marigolds, so take care of your feet, often make hygienic pedicure, because you deserve to be the best for yourself, of his men and for those, whose views of interested escort you, when you walk down the street.

For your beautiful legs: fashionable design pedicure 2019-2020

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