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Luxury outlet manicure 2019-2020: choose the most beautiful marigold design to the prom!

Every important event in the lives of girls and women is marked by all means anxious preparations for him: makeup, hairstyle, a special outfit and, of course, the most beautiful manicure, the final image for any event. Prom - just one of those exciting moments.

Trends in nail art is so stepped forward, that the most sophisticated fashionista can resist the beauty of the fashion nail design 2019-2020. Graduation manicure puts forward its own requirements in the selection of the actual nail design - it, Firstly, most naturally, elegant and exquisite manicure.

Among the many modern ideas trendy nail art and nail design, on the outlet is to choose those, that will be more harmonious look in the form of graduate, complement the outfit and other details of the image.

Interesting ideas prom manicure shown in bright colors, Nydala colors and pastel shades, that will emphasize even more tenderness and sophisticated image of young beauties.

If the dress is made in bright or saturated color shades, you should look at a trendy manicure prom dress in tone, that will be the trend of the season 2019-2020 year for graduates.

Luxurious shades of nail polish will be prom emerald, deep blue, red, Violet, Fuchsia flower, Orange, citric, which can be diluted with more delicate and contrasting tones for effektnosti.

Perfect for the prom will manicure with sequins and all kinds of luminous elements - foil, glitter, rhinestones, bulonki, crystals pixies, Yuki flakes, pearl vtirka.

Examples manicure on top outlet of the season 2019-2020 Year implemented in smart decisions on long and short nails, as well as with various forms of plates, allowing you to create the desired nail design in any style and direction.

The most beautiful nail art for prom, you can create with a molding on the nails, bulky drawings «sweet bloom», Painted nails in floral style, and in addition pick up trendy decor.

For sophisticated image, you can choose a prom manicure minimalism, gentle Ombre, stylish jacket or monochromatic outlet nude manicure. With the likes of trendy nail designs on graduation, you can be assured of an amazing and a winning way.

If it really wants to stand out at prom, it is necessary to choose the contrast graduation manicure 2019-2020 with bright colors. Also in the trend combined manicure, combining different techniques and styles, that will help achieve the extraordinary design of marigold for prom 2019-2020.

Relevant types of design are the exhaust manicure monogram and swirls, modulations decorative manicure, drawings, stamping and slider design are also relevant in the trendy prom manicure.

Wishing to be princess outlet celebration, choose the nail design, that is closer to your liking and harmoniously will look in the image. Top 10 trends in prom manicure look further, and below you will have an interesting selection of inspiring photo-Prom ideas nail design 2019-2020 of the year.

Graduation manicure: delicate pastel

Extremely pastel in fashionable design manicure on the outlet can not fail to note, given the trend in the natural nail design 2019-2020 of the year. Monochrome, and patterned decor, fashion outlet pastel coated with manicure will hit for charming ladies. It looks great pastel colors to a gradient, marble patterns, monogram, stamping design.

Marble nail design to the prom

Simple and at the same time attractive patterns, resembling marble stones, They are very much in demand to create the most fashionable prom manicure. More common is the option of a marble design on long almond shaped nogotochkami, but can be isolated, if desired, one marbled pattern of fingers in a short length of marigold.

Graduation manicure with flowers

Flora does not leave the top position in solutions for the design of nails in the romantic style. Fashionable and beautiful prom manicure with flowers will be a choice of refined and delicate ladies. At the peak of the wave will be fashionable flowers in a laconic style on one of the fingers, Slider stickers with flowers, floral stemping design, as well as translucent flowers in a very charming.

Manicure at the outlet with crystals

Festive nail design associated with stones and sequins, that give the luxurious shine and chic handles, dreamed of all the young ladies. In the fashion season, you can use many types of crystals and stone - from tiny to large in the various decisions, In combination looks very luxurious for prom nail design. Beautiful nail designs with rhinestones at the outlet will be special and memorable.

Graduation manicure with holes

chic moon manicure for prom events will be extremely brief and undemanding solution, allowing to complement any of the images. We suggest you perform a trendy manicure with exhaust hole in the style of precious metals and soft shades of foundations, it would be very smart solution design nails to prom.

Pearl vtirka in nail design to the prom

Nice shine with a gentle effect will be remembered in the trendy prom manicure with vtirkoy to everyone. Using exactly the type of pearl vtirki, fashion prom nail art becomes incredibly chic. In addition garnish unnamed finger loose crystals or Pixie floral pattern and the most delicious manicure prom ready!

Cute jacket on the outlet

Millennium jacket with glitter, matt and a floral jacket, or traditional jacket design will be one of the most concise and stylish design, among other variations of nail art design for prom. Laid-back French design will be interesting to isolate individual fingers glitter, brilliant "smile", as well as French-Ombre on the outlet will be just.

Chic matte manicure on the outlet

Amazing matt marigolds for the season 2019-2020 year makes this type of manicure one of the most trendy. A lot of prom ideas matte nail polish with bright colors and nyudovymi solutions, combinations of gloss and matt finish in one design, addition in the form of drawings and decorative elements will make the prom manicure truly irresistible.

Graduation design nails with kamifubuki

Playful confetti will add solemnity in every manicure, What color and style you prefer not bi. multicolored, monophonic, holographic, in different forms, matt or glossy topom - each Manicure at graduation with kamifubuki become chic conclusion nice appearance. Trend is decoration nameless finger kamifubuki rlkrytie or all fingers barely perceptible elegant kamifubuki at graduation.

Ombre manicure for prom

Gradient nail design looks sophisticated, incredibly gentle and nice. Master use a pair or more tones to create a fashionable Ombre effect on fingers on the outlet in manicure. Linear and geometric design Ombre, "Broken glass" complete with pieces, drawings, rhinestones and Bulonki, gradient trending exhaust manicure is amazing for short and long marigold.

Trends prom manicure 2019-2020 of the year: most fashionable manicure design to the prom — a photo

Mysterious black on nails: trendy nail design with black lacquer of the season 2019-2020 of the year

Modern trends in fashion design nails to allow you to choose fashionable nails on any preference - from laconic and reserved, to incredibly wonderful and exciting. Among the top examples of manicure for the new season 2019-2020 year were nogotochkami designs in black, so enigmatic and mysterious in itself.

variations, how to perform a trendy manicure in black a lot, both with trendy decor, different color options, as well as with the use of fashionable nail technician.

Trendy black manicure 2019-2020 It offered to women of fashion long, short and very little nogotochki, that looks equally wonderful.

Need office manicure with black lacquer, casual or chic evening black manicure? All of these ideas megamodnogo design nails with black nail shown in our photo collection for each image.

At the peak of the fashion wave demonstrated frosted and unusual nogotochki velvet with black lacquer of the season 2019-2020 of the year. Do not lag behind in popularity and chic black manicure with crystals and sparkles in the form of glitter, mica, Pixie crystals and other means for decoration.

Exciting solution for a special occasion can be a black manicure Ombre with hints of lime, lemon, Fuchsia, blue, cream-colored. No less exciting looks black jacket in newfangled representation.

Beautiful and original tandem black nail polish with beige, red and white, gray, silver and gold, so advantageous to look in tandem with each other.

Particular attention should be paid to the drawings on the nails with black lacquer, that can be performed on a black background or a neutral background with the help of black lacquer, that can achieve interesting results.

Ultratrendovymi motifs fashion manicure with black lacquered steel drawings and designs polish in black and beige tones - graphics, floristry and curls especially wonderful in tandem flesh and black gel lacquer on the nails of the season 2019-2020 of the year.

Excellent become fashionable nails with inscriptions in black design, more, than concise and expressive. Among the fashionable ideas of black manicure 2019-2020 pay attention to the nails in the style of "cat's eye", black design «negative space», black manicure minimalism, delicate lace design in black, attractive marble nail art, romantic flowers on nails, vtirka kamifubuki and especially delicious with black lacquer.

How will black trendy nail designs for the coming season - see the top ideas of black manicure, as well as a selection of interesting new black nail design 2019-2020 Further.

Black nail polish with marble effect

Natural marble effect on nails looks mysterious and at the same time so attractive. For more expressive results you should choose it black pattern on a white background, or vice versa, highlighting at the same time a couple of nogogtochkov, others simply paint over with black lacquer wells, in the style of "regrown nail," or adding stripes.

Black nail polish with foil

Fashionable nails with foil in different solutions will be particularly relevant in the upcoming season. But the most spectacular will be the design with black paint and rainbow foil, gold or silver foil imprints, and black manicure with ruffled foil, strips and mirror effect foil in black manicure.

Trendy black nails "cat's eye"

Imitation luxury overflows on the nails in the style of Space radiance or feline eye is just gorgeous with black lacquer, allowing to emphasize small shiny particles in the dark nail coating. Black manicure "cat's eye" looks festive and solemn, complemented also beautiful monograms would be the best for the evening.

Fashionable matte nails with black lacquer

Velvet coat on your nails with black nail certainly be remembered for a long time, if skillfully emphasize the charming matte black manicure contrasting glossy nogotochkami, deep shades of varnish on a couple of fingers, or by selecting a stylish nail art. Trendy matte black nail polish is a trend with inscriptions and decor foil, graphics and abstract patterns on black nails.

Black manicure «negative space»

"Negative Space" is one of the top examples of fashionable nail design, so appropriate for the office, romantic image, as well as jewelery and nail design. Trendy black «negative space» can be made in matt or glossy design, with holes and "regrown" design, manicure with frame and other leading nail technicians, complemented with black lacquer.

Black jacket design

A favorite jacket has a plurality of types and is shown with colored, brilliant, as well as black and "smile", that will allow to see the usual nail design in a new way. For better results in the French design nails with black nail should use matt top or gel polish, that will give a charming effect is always fashionable field jacket in black.

Black manicure "geometry"

Think of a more harmonious tandem, than black nail polish and the geometric patterns, it will be hard. After all, clear lines, geometric shapes and graphic itself will be much more expressive in black, eg, on a neutral background - beige and Flesh Tone. And also do not forget about the trendy matte finish for the black geometric nail design 2019-2020 of the year.

Black nail polish with inscriptions

Trends in nail art are becoming more natural and uncomplicated such, such as, trendy manicure with inscriptions. And there can not do without black palette of shades on nails, that will create a clear and concise writing on the nails in the nail-dell'arte The cutting season, so marvelous in its simplicity.

Black design with vtirkoy

Glitter on the nails is the best solution for the grand design of nails Evening. Looking after chic nail design ideas 2019-2020, interesting and stylish with black nails will vtirkoy - mirror, pearl or vtirka "chafer" or "northern lights", which will create a delightful beauty nail design with black lacquer to suit all tastes.

Black Ombre design

Contrasting colors on the nails never go unnoticed, but, to fashionable design marigold was more subtle, should resort to the technique of gradient on the nails or design Ombre. Steep black manicure ideas Ombre 2019-2020 year displayed with a yellow, green, pink, Fuchsia color, blue, blue tones, that will help create a memorable impact on your fingers with black lacquer.

Trendy black manicure in season 2019-2020 of the year: luxurious variation design nails with black nail for every taste

Fashion images with jackets 2019-2020: some women's jackets are a trend of the new season?

The opportunity to be in the trend and look at this excellent news will give top women's jackets on a cold autumn season, winter and spring 2019-2020 of the year.

Despite the cold outside, representatives charming look stunning sex desire, its charming femininity and elegance even in the cold season with outerwear for autumn-winter in the form of fashionable jackets.

Trends in women's jackets 2019-2020 year pretty varied and allow you to choose a beautiful jacket in a youth style for active lady, as well as fashion jackets for ladies older.

Will please a lot of textures, which are full of jackets for the cold season of Top Model. Suede and leather jackets, jeans jackets, of patent and metallic leather, jackets waterproof textiles and textures, fur jackets will not only create a fashionable set with a jacket for the autumn-winter, but also warm in bad weather.

Prints on jackets in fashionable solutions upcoming season also amazing. Jacket in a cage, predatory prints, striped, vegetable and floral patterns are especially important for the fashion solutions jackets for the cold season.

Amazing colors will be fashionable jackets, enchants with its appeal - Red, blue, citric, mustard, Emerald, pink, blue. The trend of black and white jacket, that are ideal for concise autfitov.

Extraordinary and will be so interesting decor fashionable jackets for the cold season 2019-2020 of the year. Jackets with metal elements in the form of stars and circles, with rivets and studs, trendy jacket with embroidery and appliqués, patchwork, fringe and inscriptions diversify top models jackets.

Among ultratrendovyh models jackets, demonstrated fashion houses and leading brands, you can find jackets, leather jackets, parks, bombery, Jackets made of denim, skin, suede, cropped jackets, quilted jacket, jackets, down jackets, as well as other relevant types of jackets, so spectacular for the cold season.

With what should wear fashionable jacket 2019-2020 year in the upcoming season, to look spectacular, elegant and charming?

The top examples of sets with jackets can be viewed in the photo on the list, demonstrating fashionable ensembles jackets and skirts, dresses, jeans, shoes, oxfords and other things basic wardrobe, that wonderfully complemented by fashionable jackets for all tastes.

More detail, we consider the top models fashion jackets 2019-2020 in the cold season, etc., where we tell and show photo ideas images with different models of jackets in fashionable decision.

Trendy leather jackets

Leather jacket is the type of things, that will never go out of style and will always be with us in the top images. Trendy leather jackets help to make a basic wardrobe demi-season, if you choose the leather jacket in a neutral color - beige, black, gray, creams. Fashionable leather jackets are leather jackets, Classical models of leather jackets, leather jackets with decorative rivets and studs. In particular are stunning leather jackets embroidered with bright flowers.

Trendovыe zamshevыe jackets

An interesting variant on the jackets cold season of autumn or the spring may be a suede jacket 2019-2020, shown and with short, Recalling a jacket or blazer, as well as classical length. Shades - Brown, cream, Beige become more relevant in fashion sets suede jacket. An excellent choice for the country and not only become fashionable suede jackets with fringe, that incredibly spectacular.

Stylish denim jacket

The ideal goal for the upper garment is not very cold season of spring and autumn, as well as the summer will jeans jackets 2019-2020. Since wearing denim jacket in the new season may be in tandem with skirts and dresses, trousers, denim total look'i in trend, the problems to make autfit fashionable denim jacket really is not. Choose a model denim jackets with incredible pictures, oversayz, as well as warm and denim jackets with a heater.

Jacket, black leather jackets

The present trend among jackets at all times become jacket-black leather jackets, What we are seeing is not the first season in the images of many fashionistas. Trendy leather jackets appeared not only in the cases of the skin and the usual shades. «Must have» become fashionable jackets, leather jackets made of suede, denim, black leather jackets with a heater for the cold season, bright and neon jackets, leather jackets with lemon, blue, blue tint. Mega leather jackets made of metallic leather and glitter, metal decorations and embroidery.

Jackets parks

Another trend, which does not leave the top positions, became fashionable jackets parks, practicality and versatility that won the hearts of not only fashionistas, but also many celebrity. Parks wonderfully warm you, without restricting movements, thus giving a beautiful appearance. Particularly spectacular fashion jackets parks 2019-2020 with a luxurious fur as insulation and decoration hood. Fashion parks in military style with a touch of khaki and camouflage, blue, gray and black parks most in demand.

Jackets, down jackets

Winter can not do without fashion feather, the presence of which boast each miss, regardless of age. As trendy jackets, down jackets are all, without exception, you can choose a short and extended model of down jackets, in a calm coloring or glitter, bright print a juicy shade. The trend jackets, down jackets in bulk decision, without undue furring, short jackets, down jackets and a dress.


Amazing will be beautiful and unusual bomber jacket, that can serve as an excellent choice of fashionable outerwear as a light jacket for spring or warmer solutions - down jacket-bomber for the autumn-winter. Trendy jacket bomber can be found in a jacket with a metallic sheen, gold and silver shades, bright prints, neon colors fashion bomber especially in the trend.

Women's fashion jackets 2019-2020 - model-new items and high-end images with jackets are shown below in the photo

Trends fashion raincoats 2019-2020: photo ideas images with raincoats

Fashionable outerwear for ladies of all ages in the autumn and winter season has a special femininity, so skillfully combined with futuristic and extravagant.

Among the many ideas, that can be worn as a top termination top autumn-winter bows, leading positions out of fashion coats of the season 2019-2020 of the year.

You can find top coats 2019-2020 and in classical performance - Burberry trench coats in style or fashionable leather coats, suede, denim and other unusual textures.

You should definitely pay attention to the prints raincoats, so relevant for today. Bright and predatory, romantic and delicate prints coats and trench coats will certainly cause the admiration and delight of the true lady.

Leopard color will be effective solution to coat the cold season 2019-2020, allowing you to look bright and memorizing the new season with fashionable raincoat.

Megamodnym will print "cell" for coats in different styles, allow you to create stylish images with cloaks in the city, sport-chic, casual and business direction.

And what about the amazingly beautiful coats with floral motifs, so extremely feminine and elegant as possible for ladies of all ages.

Top-end shades on coats will be pastel colors in the form of purple, powdery, peach, beige, also in the trend Gray, white, black and red cape. Amazing emerald will raincoats, olive, khaki, burgundy and scarlet.

Among the many fashionable raincoats you can find and form-fitting model, free, the smell, shorter in length, Cape or Cape, elongated and midi coats for women.

Fashion for raincoats amazing and wanting to be the center of attention or the surprise appearance of his unusually, costs only to find the right decision in an extravagant coat - silhouette, textures, Shades or Print.

Futuristic raincoats glossy patent leather and metal, transparent coats of plastic or waterproof materials, voluminous coats - all this abundance of spectacular capes will be very relevant in high-end images with raincoats 2019-2020.

Romantic sets necessary to supplement light cloak as a cape with transparent elements and lace or satin glamor raincoats. The office is best fitted suit coat or straight cut, complete with a belt in monochrome.

Do not do today without fashionable raincoats in street style fashion direction and sport-chic. Fashionable raincoats and Tenchi are excellent not only with the boat and boots, but also sneakers, shoes, botylonamy, allowing you to create pretty and practical bows with raincoats.

So, what will superfashionable cloaks and capes, news? We offer you to learn by the example of the top images from cloaks and capes trends 2019-2020 year on a photo in our collection and further review.

Business style raincoats

Office lady and ladies, preferring sets to business, will not be able to pass raincoats in this decision. Traditional coat with classic aspects - beige or dark shade, straight silhouette, belt will make any autfit concise and compelling. You can select and other colors - green, blue, the black. Variety of images with a cloak for the office and the strip or the cell as a print. Played an important role complementary to the business office with bow cape elements - classic boots or shoes, pencil skirt or form-fitting midi dress, pants with a shirt, that will create the right tone for the entire Seto with fashionable cloak.

glamorous raincoats

An evening out or a special celebratory event will require you to select the respective outwear, which can be a glamorous and luxurious coat. From prints to give best, but an amazing shade, such as, Scarlet is a perfect solution for a luxurious evening coat 2019-2020. satin gloss, advanced downhill, concise belt with beautiful buckle will be important components in the design of fashion cloak Evening. Add elegance to help a little short sleeves and no collar. Complete the look with a sumptuous evening cape better boat and clutch in the same style.

Raincoats in a cage

Heath is not the first season are coats with prints cell, so liking fashionistas. Fashionable coats the cell may be more sport, concise and restrained, that depends on the cell size, as well as a raincoat silhouette. The trend of black-and-white cell, black-white-gray cell, as well as with possible other shades, such as, raincoats in a cage with a hint of red. Fashion coats and trench coats in the cage will fit perfectly into the business and Street Style Bows.

beige raincoat

Choosing a shade of beige raincoat, you can be sure, that this cloak will serve you more than one season and will be a great contribution to the basic wardrobe. Create a fashionable image and beige cloak is not a problem, after trending coat looks great in a flesh-colored with dark, light, and bright colors. Jeans and skirts, low heel and pin - perfectly complemented by a beige trench coat. Mono watch oversayz trench coat in beige or traditional beige coat with a belt.

Leather coat

fashion trend, that is so in demand in the cold season, will leather coats. Awesome can be shades of leather coats, it shows not only in black, but also red, yellow, purple, blue and blue. They also added and gloss lacquered or metallised leather, it looks incredibly stylish. Ultratrendovye leather coats solutions are presented in Military, futuristic direction, as well as stylish and feminine varieties of leather raincoat 2019-2020.

white coat

Amazing white color will be excellent in dealing with fashionable coat for the season 2019-2020 of the year. Yes, can be white cloak is not practical, but spectacular way in a white cloak, you are guaranteed. And if you want to create a flawless appearance, then a fashionable white coat would be a safe bet outerwear for a special occasion. It looks great white cloak skirt, jeans, black trousers, complemented by sweaters or shirts.

shortened coat

If you are looking for a practical coat, then give preference to cloak short version, that there will be stylish, and excellent at the same time. Short coats are appropriate to look with dresses as well, as in images with trousers. It is possible to select destination denim shortened raincoat or waterproof embodiment in the short beige shade with unobtrusive gloss, that will give a touch of sophistication.

What's New coats for the cold season 2019-2020 of the year: best coats and trench coats season